Events: Opening/Closing thru’ the Years

October, 1988 Opening Event“The Kalash”. ·         An Illustrated Talk: Maureen Lines, on her work with the Kalash tribes. @ The Islamabad Girls College, School Road, F/6/2.
May 1989 Closing Event“Khattak”- Northern Areas ·         Dance Performances by the Frontier Constabulary, NWFP The Canadian High Commission Residence.
October, 1989 Opening Event“Pakistan”. An Illustrated Introduction to Pakistan  “From the Northern Areas to the Shrines of Sind” ·         Accompanied by live music from the different regions- Vocals: Zahid Farani, Sitar: Farid Nizami, Tabla: Ajmal.  Organised by Perveen Malik and Sajid Munir. The Indonesian Embassy Auditorium.
May, 1990 Closing Event“A Pakistani Evening”. ·         Costumes, Jewellery and Folk dances             Organised by Perveen Malik ·         Music Concert by the Margalla Blues Band. @ The Canadian High Commission Residence.
October 1990 Opening Event“Hunza”. ·         Video & An Illustrated Talk: The Rani of Hunza ·         Folk dances from Hunza @ The Indonesian Embassy Auditorium
May, 1991 Closing EventFolk Dances from the 4 Provinces of Pakistan: ·         The Sanjh group / Bhangra evening @ the Canadian High Commission
September, 1991 Opening Event“The Architectural Traditions in Pakistan”. ·         An Illustrated Talk by Dr. Kamil Khan Mumtaz, Architect/Author of “Architecture in Pakistan”. @ The Indonesian Embassy Auditorium.
May, 1992 Closing Event“Oriental Masks and Veils”: Costumes/ Music ·         Performance by the Pipe band of the Pakistan Army @ The British High Commission Residence
September, 1992 Opening Event“Central Asia”. ·         An Illustrated Talk by Prof. Emiritus, Dr. Ahmed Hasan Dani . Hon. Director: Centre for Central Asian Studies, Quaid-e-Azam University. @ The Indonesian Embassy Auditorium.
May, 1993 Closing Event“Central Asian Evening”. ·         “Khattak” Performance by the Frontier Constabulary, NWFP. ·         “Chitrali” Folk Dance Performance @ The British High Commission Residence.
 September, 1993 Opening Event“Pakistan in the 19th Century”. ·         An Illustrated Talk by Syed Faqir Aijazzuddin: A  Noted Art Historian/Journalist @ The Indonesian Embassy Auditorium.
May, 1994 Closing Event“The Mughal Court” ·         ‘Kathak’ A Classical  Dance Performance by Maharaj Kathak and his students The British High Commission Residence
September, 1994 Opening Event“Potohar Plateau”. ·         An Illustrated Talk by Raja Changiz Sultan, M.D. Pakistan Tourism Corporation. @ The Indonesian Embassy Auditorium.
May, 1995 Closing Event“An Evening in the Potohar”. Music & Dances from the Potohar Region The French Embassy Residence.
September, 1995 Opening Event“Air Safari Over The Karrakurrams”- ·         A PIA documentary: @ The Indonesian Embassy Auditorium
May, 1996 Closing Event“Bhangra Evening”. ·         Performance by Dhrees dancers from Jhang. @ The French Embassy Residence.
September, 1996 Opening Event“Journey along the Mighty River Indus”. ·         A Multimedia Presentation Uxi Mufti, Exec. Director, Lok Virsa. The Indonesian Embassy Auditorium.
May, 1997 Closing Event“Indus Valley Civilization Evening”. ·         Folk Music & Entertainment! The French Embassy Residence.
September, 1997 Opening Event“The Silk Route”. ·         An Illustrated Talk by Professor Emiritus, Dr. Ahmed Hasan Dani, Hon. Director, Centre for Central Asian Studies, Quaid-e-Azam University. The Islamabad Club Auditorium.
May, 1998 Closing Event“A Journey of Music, Dance and Costumes Along the Silk Route”. (Participation by Concerned Embassies) Commentary/ Presentation by Perveen Malik. @ The Italian Embassy residence.
September 1998 Opening Event“Baluchistan”. ·         An Illustrated talk by  Wazir Jogezai, former Deputy Speaker, National Assembly. The Islamabad Club Auditorium.
May 1999 Closing Event“A Baluch Evening”. ·         “Mugharman” Traditional Kettle-Drum of the Sheedi Baluch’s from the Coastal Line of Makran ·         Dance Performance by the ‘Leva’ Dancers of Ibrahim Dada and his ensemble. @ Holiday Inn  (Shifted from French Embassy Residence  due to inclement weather)
September 1999 Opening Event“Pakistan in the Millennium – Preserving Cultural Heritage: Colours of the Indus- Costumes & Textiles of Pakistan”. ·         An Illustrated Talk by Dr. Nasreen Askari, Curator of the Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi. The Islamabad Club Auditorium.
May, 2000 Closing Event“Kathak”- ·         A Classical Dance Performance by Nahid Siddiqui to live music @ The Islamabad Club Auditorium.
September 2000 Opening Event“The Grand Trunk Road”. ·         An Illustrated Talk by Salman Rasheed: Preservationist/Conservationist. Noted author of numerous travelogues  @ The Islamabad Club Auditorium.
May 2001 Closing Event“Music and Dance Along the Grand Trunk Road”. ·         ’Khattak’ dancers of the Frontier Constabulary, NWFP. ·         ‘Sagheer Dholli’ and his Bhangra group from Jhelum. @ The German Embassy Residence.
September 2001 Opening Event“Pakistan’s Mountain Environment and Our Place In It”. ·         An Illustrated Talk by Brigadier (R) Jan Nadir Khan; founder member of the Alpine Club of Pakistan and founder President of Adventure Foundation, Pakistan The Islamabad Club Auditorium.
May 2002 Closing Event“The Year Of The Mountains”. Royal Family of Nagar  :Music, Dance, Jewellery & Costumes With Live Musical Accompaniment              Presentation: Perveen Malik The World’s Best Kept Secret”: a Serendip Productions film Display of Artefacts: Northern Areas- Lok Virsa -Display of Paintings: Raja Changez Sultan/Ghulam Rasul Performance by the Chitral Scouts @ The British High Commission Residence.
October 2002 Opening Event“Punjab” – A Crucible of History: ·         An Illustrated Talk by Fakir Syed Aijazuddin; An Art Historian/ Journalist and Author The Islamabad Club Auditorium.
September 2003 Opening Event“Water is Life” ·         An Illustrated Talk by Jehan Ara Moeen. The Islamabad Club Auditorium.
May 2004 Closing Event“Colours of the Punjab” – Land of the Five Rivers ·         Folk Dances of the Punjab: A Presentation by Dr. Fauzia Saeed & Friends. ·         Mystic Drums: A performance by Sagheer Dholi and group. ·         Folk dance performance :‘Dhrees’ Dancers from Jhang. ·         “Colours of the Punjab”: A Visual Montage by Serendip Produtions.) The French Embassy Residence
September 2004 Opening Event“Soobah-e-Sarhad” – The Province in the North- ·         An Illustrated Talk by Brig. (Retd) Amir Gulistan Janjua @ The Islamabad Club Auditorium.
May 2005 Closing Event“Soobah-e-Sarhad” – The Province in the North ·         Rubab & Tabla:  Instrumental Music Performance ·         ‘Khattak’ Dance Performance:  Khyber Rifles ·         ‘The Magical Frontier’:  A Visual Montage: Serendip Productions The French Embassy Residence
September 2005 Opening Event“ Rawalpindi”: A Town in the Victorian Subcontinent…1880-1905 ·         A Multi-Media presentation: Mr. Mohammad Ali Akbar @ The Islamabad Club Auditorium.
May 2006 Closing Event “Kathak” Fasih-ur Rehman .Live Musical Accompaniment ·         A Classical Dance Performance  @ The Islamabad Club Auditorium
November 2006 Opening Event‘Romancing the Present’: The Pakistani Art Scene ·         A Multi- Media Presentation: Professor Salima Hashmi @ The Islamabad Club Auditorium
May 2007 Closing Event‘A Display by Models of Authentic, Ethnic Costumes & Jewellery’ (From the private collections of Ishrat Hyatt & Dr. Fozia Saeed) ·         Synchronised to Regional Folk Music: Flute & Sitar ·         Commentary/ Presentation: Perveen Malik ·         Music Coordination: Yasser Nomann ·         ‘Bhangra’: The Rabbani Art Group: Dhrees Dancers from Jhang The Canadian High Commission
November 2007 Opening Event  ‘Sufi Soul of the Punjab’- Live In Concert: Arieb Azhar ·         Musical Accompaniment:  Guitar:Foaad Nizam, Flute: Salman Adil, Tabla: Muhammad Ajmal @ IFWA Centre #259,Street 38,F/7/1
May 2008 Closing Event“Beyond Boundaries: South Asia” ·         Costumes, Music and Dance from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India ·         Commentary/ Presentation: Perveen Malik Music Coordination: Yasser Nomann ·         ‘Qawwali’ concert by Faiz Ali Faiz Qawwal & Ensemble The Canadian High Commission Residence
November 2008 Opening Event“The Hidden Colours”: The Tangible & Intangible Culture of the NWFP” ·         Documentary/ Presentation by Samara Minallah ·         Music Concert  by Lala Swabi & Group from Mardan Rubab & Duggal ( Musical Instruments from the North) ·         Folk Dance Performance: Group from Haripur Exhibition of Photographs: Islamabad Camera Club/       Dr. Shaukat Malik Display of Art & Craft Works/Embroideries from the Region @ The PNCA, Islamabad
May 2009 Closing EventZeb & Haniya in Concert- ·         Accompanied by Hassan Mohyuddin- Percussion, Zishan- Guitar The Swiss Embassy residence ( Cancelled due to security reasons)
 October 2009 Opening EventPeace & Tolerance- ·         Arieb Azhar & Ensemble in Concert The PNCA, Islamabad
May 2010 Closing EventA Folk Music Extravaganza: Sindh, Baluchistan, KhyberPakhtunkhwa, Punjab ·         Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Rubab: Muhabbat Khan, ·         Baluchistan Dera Bugti :Suroz: Riaz Khan ·         Baluchistan Sui: Dambura (Tambura):Ali Dost ·         Sindh : Alghoza:. Akbar Khamisu Khan ·         Sindh : Dholak: Muhammad Khan ·         Punjab Chiniot: Chimta, Dhol, Jori (twin flutes) and King (mono stringed). Bashir Lohar & Ensemble @ The Residence of the Swiss Ambassador, Diplomatic Enclave (In collaboration with Khiva Restaurant)
 October 2010 Opening Event 2010‘The Craft Traditions Of Pakistan ’- Noorjehan Bilgrami ·         Multi- media presentation/ Book Launch ·         Craft Exhibition @ The PNCA, Islamabad
May 2010 Closing Event  ‘Dance to the Beat of the ‘Dhol’ ·         The Rabbani ‘Dhrees’ dancers from Jhang @ the Residence of the Belgian Ambassador, F/6/3 (In collaboration with Khiva Restaurant)
 October 2011 Opening Event  ‘Cultural Expressions’: A Journey into the Sufi Realm of South Punjab: ‘- Sajida Vandal ·         Multi- media presentation/ Book Launch ·         Craft Exhibition @ The PNCA, Islamabad
May 2012 Closing Event  A Folk Music Spectacular! Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab ·         Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Rubab: Gulab Khan, Duggal ( Peshawari drums): Kandahar Gul ·         Sindh: Alghoza:Akbar Khamisu Khan, Dholak: Faiz Mohammad ·         Punjab-Show Stopper-  Qurban Niazi and his Quintet ·         Chimta, Dhol, Harmonium, King ( Mono- stringed,Tabla &      Vocals             the Residence of the Belgian Ambassador, F/6/3 (In collaboration with Khiva Restaurant)
 October 2012 Opening Event  “Balochistan: The Other Side” – Naheed Jafri- Azfar ·         History, culture, costumes and travel ·         A Multi-Media Presentation @ The PNCA, Islamabad
May 2013 Closing Event  Pop Music Spectacular! ·         Zoe Viccaji accompanied by ‘The Intime Band’ from Karachi! ·         The Rabbani Art Group: ‘Dhrees’ folk  dancers from Jhang @ the Turkish Embassy, Diplomatic Enclave (In Collaboration with Serena Hotels)
 September 2013 Opening Event“Sindh: A Mystical Journey” -A. Hameed Akhund ·         A multi-media presentation: History, culture, crafts & music ·         Exhibition: Sindhi craft & truck art
May 2014 Closing Event  The Intoxication of Sound ·         Allan Faqir Jr. & Folk Musicians ·         Khumaariyan: The Band @the Australian High Commission Club (In Collaboration with Serena Hotels)
 October 2014 Opening Event“The Resourceful Fakirs”- Fakir S. Aijazuddiun ·         A multimedia presentation/ Book launch @ the Serena Hotel, Islamabad (In Collaboration with Serena Hotels)
May 2015 Closing Event  Zoe Viccaji & The Band: In Concert @ the Serena Hotel, Islamabad (In Collaboration with Serena Hotels) ( Originally scheduled at Australian Hi Commission Club-Weather conditions)
 October 2015 Opening EventSwat: The Princely State :1917-1969- Adnan Aurangzeb A multimedia presentation @ the Serena Hotel, Islamabad (In Collaboration with Serena Hotels)
May 2016 Closing Event  Concert: Khumariyaan – The Band ‘The Intoxication of Sound’ @ the Serena Hotel, Islamabad (In Collaboration with Serena Hotels)